At The Grove we are constantly inviting others to lock arms with us and join us in investing their time, talent and treasure in this local body of believers. When you join us as a member of The Grove you are committing to a spiritual family that will provide support and encouragement. At the close of every service we provide the opportunity for you make a commitment to join us through membership. You can become a member if you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior and are baptized by immersion into our fellowship. You may also request to join our fellowship by statement if you have already professed faith in Christ and have been baptized or by letter of transfer if you are coming from another church of like faith.


Baptism is an outward sign that symbolizes an inward change of heart and mind about who Jesus is and the sin that once controlled our life. At The Grove we baptize through immersion and it is intended for those who have responded in faith to Jesus Christ and who understand the basic tenants of the Christian faith. If you have not been baptized we invite you to prayerfully consider taking this next step. Click below for additional information.