October 21, 2018

At the conclusion of our Sunday worship service, our church voted to approve to the nomination of Roland Contreras as our Lead Pastor. The vote was unanimous and the nomination was approved. We are grateful to the Lord and and are excited to enter into this new season.

October 7, 2018

At the conclusion of our Sunday worship service, our PST made an official recommendation to nominate Associate Pastor Roland Contreras to be the next Lead Pastor of The Grove. An official vote will take place on October 21, 201 following the worship service.

July 29 , 2018

Our PST shared they have an individual in mind that they are seeking to begin the formal interview process with over the next couple of weeks. Updates will be made as they become available. 

May 20, 2018

Our PST made an official announcement to the church body during the morning worship service. A Pastor Profile Survey will be made available to the church starting May 27, 2018.  The church is encouraged to give this survey prayerful attention as our PST seeks suggestions in calling our church's next Lead Pastor. The Pastor Profile Survey will be available until June 10, 2018.

May 6, 2018

Our PST made an official announcement to the church body during the morning worship service. The church was called upon to intentionally seek the Lord in continued prayer.  Elected chairs are as follows: Greg Gardner - Chairman, Larry Barcroft - Vice Chairman, Jody Summer - Secretary.

May 3, 2018

Our PST (Pastor Search Team) had their first official meeting on Tuesday, May 1, 2018. Prayer was the main focus as well the election of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary. An official update will be made on Sunday May 6, 2018 during the morning worship service.

April 17, 2018

Through several weeks of intentional and united prayer The Grove officially selected a pastor search team on April 15, 2018. Over the next few weeks the pastor search team will meet regularly and begin the formalized process of seeking our next Lead Pastor. Current updates will continue to be shared with our church on Sunday mornings. Please continue to join us in  praying and seeking the Lord during this time.


Servant Leaders

January 25, 2018

As The Grove prepares to move forward through the pastoral transition we are asking our church family and community to join us for 21 days of intentional prayer beginning on February 4, 2018. Prayer works and we know this, if we are faithful to prayer God will be faithful to hear, answer and bless. So we are entering the next 21 days with full faith, hope and expectancy that God is going to do something amazing as we prepare and pray in this new season.

So how will this work? Over the next 21 days we are encouraging our church family to pray at 12:15pm every Wednesday afternoon. You can surely pray at anytime on any particular day but we would like to be intentional in having our church family praying together and at the same time. Set an alarm or any other reminder and join for 21 days of prayer.

For the time being, Pastor Roland will be preaching on Sunday mornings as well as taking on other pastoral responsibilities. Our Servant Leaders are currently praying and seeking God's wisdom as they put together our Search Team.  An official motion to accept the nominees for our Search Team will me made at the April quarterly meeting. Our pastors, staff and servant leaders will continue to update the church as new information becomes available.


Servant Leaders


December 20, 2017

The current state and future of The Grove has always been in the hands of Jesus. He has and will continue to be the one in which our hope and faith rests. We join together in praising God that The Grove was able to share six amazing years with the Gaither family. We have been incredibly blessed by the leadership and love of our Pastor. It is a bittersweet moment for us. We will miss our Pastor and his family deeply but we also rejoice in the fact that we get the honor and privilege of being a "sending" church. We get to witness God "send" our pastor to a new assignment where we are confident that God will use him in the same leadership capacity that he has demonstrated here at The Grove.

Looking back and reflecting on God's timing we now see that it is no coincidence that we just completed a ten week sermon series called "Living Faith." As a church body, we now have the opportunity to see God work through the living faith of The Grove as we approach the new year, step into new territory and prayerfully seek the Lord's direction.

As we enter 2018 The Grove will continue to serve the community of Orange Grove and surrounding areas as we have for the past 70+ years. We praise God that our leadership structure is organized in such a way that our mission will remain consistent and our vision will continue uninterrupted. From our Sunday morning worship service to our student ministry and kids ministry, we will remain committed to advancing God's kingdom one life at a time.

As a church family we will continue to walk in the love, grace and mercy of Jesus and we will continually strive to fulfill our mission and calling as we "keep showing up, do the next task and bring someone with us."

What can you do? We are asking our entire Grove family to join us in praying, specifically, for two things - wisdom and strength. We desire wisdom as we enter into a new season and begin this transition. We also desire strength to be able to handle new tasks and responsibilities.

We love you, we love our church and we love our community!


Pastor Roland


December 17, 2017

To our Grove Family,

Today we share incredibly hard news.

Our time serving as Pastor at The Grove is coming to an end on Sunday, January 28, 2018. I will be starting a new ministry assignment with the South Central Baptist Area, which is made up of 50+ local churches. First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs is one of the churches I will be serving. The central office for SCBA is in Gonzales, TX. I will help encourage, equip and serve the pastors and local churches as a Director of Missions. The Grove’s story is hope for so many churches in rural settings. I will start this new assignment in February 2018.  

Our family will not relocate until this summer. The kids will finish the year at OGISD and will continue their normal weekly activities. We will be present in the community, but primarily visiting SCBA churches starting in February. Our adoption will be completed soon and we will plan to celebrate with the church, our family and our friends when he comes home. We want everyone to experience this moment. Kristin will continue to work at Camp Zephyr until we relocate. We will eventually move to the Gonzales area.

Our hearts have ached over this transition. We have a deep love for The Grove, the church, the community and all the Kingdom-Moments we have all shared. We are having to find rest in the Lord’s comfort right now. The same Lord that led us to First Baptist Church Orange Grove in August 2011 is now leading us to this new ministry assignment. 

Rejoicing and Weeping,

Steven Gaither